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SigmaCheck Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter Advantages and Features


The SigmaCheck Eddy Current (EC) Conductivity Meter offers a wide range of advantages and features for users within non-destructive testing (NDT) and other industries and application areas. You can find out what conductivity measurement applications the SigmaCheck can apply to here.


+ High Resolution Colour Display (2.8”, 320 pixels by 240

+ Accurate Conductivity Range (0.5% IACS 
to 110% IACS,
+ Wide range of Frequencies for testing 
thin materials
   (60kHz, 120kHz, 240kH, 
480kHz). Option of 960kHz.
+ Non-conductive Coating Thickness Measurement display up to 0.5mm.
+ Lightweight (350 grams / 12 oz).
+ Ergonomic Slim-Line Case design and easy to hold Probe with adjustable finger
+ Two-Year Warranty on Instrument (excludes batteries). 


Key Benefits (specific to the ETher NDE SigmaCheck):

+ User programmable display.
2GB of data storage. Able to store over one million data points.
Uploaded data can be viewed using MS Excel.
Intelligent charger via USB Port or AC Supply.
Multiple languages available. E.g. English, German, French, Spanish.
Excellent resistance to “edge effect”.
Rapid Display of Conductivity Results.
Battery life (upto 6 hours).
Firmware can be upgraded in field.
Different probes may be configured by loading the appropriate probe map
    from SD Card.
Real-time clock for time and date so that readings can be “stamped”.
Real-time PC control via USB or optional RS232 link.

Key Features:

sigmacheck screen image

High Resolution Display
The full colour 2.8” LCD display screen is 320 x 240 pixels providing excellent resolution and displaying conductivity and lift-off results with up to three decimal places precision. The display features an adjustable LED backlight allowing the Operator to set their required screen brightness. The Operator can also customise both the background colours and text colours to meet their personal preference.

Rapid display of Conductivity Results
The SigmaCheck offers a choice of five frequencies (60, 120, 240, 480 and 960kHz) to allow the testing of a wide range of material thicknesses. The SigmaCheck is noted for rapid display of conductivity results. 

Excellent Data Reporting and Battery Life
ETher NDE also offer Field Exchangeable Probes with their configuration provided via micro SD Card or PC download via USB for the SigmaCheck. This removes the need for the Instrument to be sent back for matching with the Probe. By using a card reader or our PC Software, the new data for the Probe can simply be copied onto the SD Card in the Instrument, speeding up this process even further.

sigmacheck side on imageUSB PC Connectivity is built into the SigmaCheck for remote control and data logging. The USB Connection also offers real time data acquisition as well as eliminating any complicated driver installation. In addition, the USB Connection allows easy charging of the Instrument without having to swap the batteries.

Lightweight and Ergonomically Designed
Weighing 350 grams (0.77 pounds) including batteries and measuring 163mm Long, 80mm Wide and 25mm Deep, the SigmaCheck is compact and extremely lightweight. Housed in a sculpted case with a detachable flexible open-faced removable silicon rubber boot, the SigmaCheck is designed to be fully hand-held. Further, the standard Probe has been designed to fit the hand well. Not only is the SigmaCheck very accurate, its ergonomic design makes it a delight to use.

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