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SigmaCheck Curvature Correction Table

sigmacheck with screen imageThe SigmaCheck, Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter from ETher NDE has is a set routine for operation like any other Conductivity Meters.

In order to get the best results from the SigmaCheck Probe needs to be flat on a surface to correctly read the conductivity. Therefore, if you have the probe on a curved surface (like a piece of round bar) the value that is shown on the SigmaCheck will not be the correct value of conductivity.

The SigmaCheck Curvature Correction Table enables you to convert the displayed value on the SigmaCheck to the actual conductivity value of the bar.

Simply find the diameter of the bar across the table. Read downwards until the reading on the SigmaCheck is seen. Finally look across to the far left column and that is the real value in IACS of the material. 

You can download the SigmaCheck EC Conductivity Meter Curvature Correction Table here.